Head of the Environmental Management Office

Municipality of Porto

Marta Pinto

Marta Pinto helped create and implement a project to plant 100.000 native trees in the city and metropolitan area of Porto, enrolling public and private organisations as well as thousands of citizens. At home has her own food garden, locally compost organic waste, and is a member of a community supported agriculture. After 16 years working in the Academia, is presently the Head of the Environmental Management Office in the Municipality of Porto and feels particularly enthusiastic about ambitious projects such as creating the Porto Biolab – an urban woodland lab to study ecossystem services and establishing a Porto Bioclimatic Index (municipal ordinance) from scratch to regulate and incentivize private adaptation measures to climate change, integrating several adaptation measures such as installing green roofs, keeping old trees, and other, as options for the developer to achieve the necessary index for each area of the city. Marta works with people, organisations and projects that believes in.

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