DINÂMIA’CET-IUL, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Mariana Sanchez Salvador

Mariana is an architect that works on the timeless relationship between food and space, from the house to the city, from ancient times to today. She wrote a book called „Architecture and Commensality: a history of the house through food“, which has at times became a reference in different architecture courses. 

Currently, is writing my PhD thesis on the Foodscape of Lisbon, past and present, organizing some academic and public events on the subject and lecturing at different universities and institutions. 

She is working on bringing the existing knowledge about cities and food to society, connecting universities with different publics through different formats, and developing an international research network on architecture and food.

She is also passionate about understanding the impact of food culture on the shape of space, the influence of beliefs, memories and traditions on who we are and what we build, and how through food we can envision a better architecture and future for our societies.

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